Monday, April 20, 2009

Whine and Cheese (well, yogurt!)

The kids and I went on a hike this weekend. I've been trying to take pictures of me and the kids together because I feel as though they are growing so fast that I don't want to forget these times. I've never been camera shy before, but lately I see pictures of me and it makes me want to cry. It's funny because my mirror tells me that I look fine, but the camera is telling me a whole different story. Oh well, I'll just keep working harder!

Some good news - I won an AWESOME Yoplait kids pack full of fun stuff to play with the kids. Megan over at Megan's Munchies was having a give-away and I was one of the winners. The kids were so excited to see that there was a box on my front steps today after work/school. We opened up all the fun sporting equipment and played around with it all. Then Megan (my Megan) claimed the lunch pack for herself and asked me to pack her lunch in it tomorrow.

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Anonymous said... look gorgeous!