Monday, September 15, 2008


I hadn't realized how much that little word weighed until finally I read it on the pathology report. Just saying the word felt like an anvil had been removed from my shoulders. I count our blessings that we are lucky enough to not be battling cancer. In that same breath, I still have concerns that my husband has a serious colon condition and doctor's aren't 100% certain what caused the breakdown in his colon wall. Hubby will be having surgery next week to have a portion of his colon removed. This is scary business for anyone undergoing such a traumatic surgery, but even more so for hubby because he is 34 years old. This type of damage is usually seen in much older individuals.

So just a recap - Hubby will now need to follow a high-fiber, low-meat diet. He does not live with us full-time due to his working conditions, so he will try to do the best he can living the bachelor life. Joshua has not been tested for food allergies/sensitivities yet, however I notice a reaction to Red #40 (found in common things, including Tylenol), and all artificial Blue colors. He is 6 years old. Our 4 year old, Megan, does not follow any specific diet, however, too many sugary treats really affects her sleeping pattern. The little guy, Daniel, will be 3 in a few weeks. We tease that Daniel is our vegan. If he had the choice between cows milk or rice milk, he'd pick rice, soy or almond milk hands-down over cows milk. Daniel could live on fruits and veggies alone. And finally, there's me. I'm lactose intolerant. Sure, I could probably take a pill for that, but I'm choosing to instead alter my diet to remove the offending products from it. So with what seems like a variety of dietary challenges, we're going back to the basics. More fruits and veggies and less of everything else.

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