Sunday, September 21, 2008


This week was pre-occupied with many preop telephone calls. I feel as though it was not one of my better weeks providing meals for myself and the kids. Meet my two new best friends.... Slap these guys onto a slice of whole wheat bread, fold in half, and voila...dinner is somewhat made. Sadly, we had PB&J's for dinner twice this week. We also had Taco Bell one night when the power was out when the electricians were working on the street light in front of our house. Tonight we had Burger King that I grabbed from the drive-thru at 6:30pm on the way back from CVS picking up some dye-free Motrin for my sick 6 year old. How backwards is that?

Anyway, it was a week with different sandwiches. I will say that I am proud of the fact that I've come to realize that sandwiches are not best friends with potato chips. I still have a hard time eating tuna sandwiches without potato chips (heck, I usually put the chips on the tuna sandwich!). So I ask this...other than potato chips, what goes on the plate with sandwiches?

This week we did apple slices and grapes. Anybody got any better ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a healthy pasta salad?