Friday, January 16, 2009

Weighing in with sore feet

I'm down 0.6 pounds to 147.4. I had a bad week of eating lunch out. I'm still finding my way around my new position. Basically, I'm in charge of the medical education clinics - which are the clinics that are run by resident doctors. These clinics are part of the hospital system and therefore are subject to the same rules that govern the hospital. My job is keeping the staff following these rules, since new rules and guidelines are constantly coming out. It's hard to explain, but suffice to say that tons of new guidelines were put out in November of last year and we will be graded on our compliance in the next few months. So I'm putting together programs and training staff like a mad-woman. However, before I can train them on how to do their job better, I need to understand how their job works. So this week, I've been back and forth in multiple different clinics and rushing in and out of meetings.

I did find a fantastic vegan cafe within walking distance to one of the clinics, and I will probably eat there on the days that I have to be there. And since I was able to arrange my schedule next week to have some predictability, I'll be able to pack my lunch most days next week.

I'm not used to spending 8-9 hours a day in high heels. I was exhausted every day this week and not once worked out. Booo. I need to try to wake up earlier in the morning.

My goal this coming week is to pack my lunch at least 3 days this next week.

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Dayfamilyof4 said...

Wow, new job and still trying to fit in a work out.... hang in there lovely lady, I'm sure you'll find a happy way for all necessary activities to live within your life.