Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheating while making cookies!

Seriously, if my kids waited until I had time to make cookies from scratch, it might never happen. I do have days when I can go all out and do everything from scratch. But the reality of it is that I am a full-time working mom, every once in a while I need a little help.

Help last week came from The Immaculate Baking Company's awesome oatmeal raisin cookies. Oh.my.goodness...my house smelled fantastic while these were cooking, and the texture is just absolutely perfect. My kids loved these cookies. In fact, they point them out at Publix every time we are there.

One thing I love about these cookies is that the company is really into promoting folk art. We've got some awesome folk artists here in Central Florida, and I'm crazy excited (that's like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch excited!) about promoting Folk artist.

Okay, I'm done raving. Just know that when I can't find the time to make my own from-scratch cookies, this is absolutely what I'm reaching for - healthy, no trans fats, awesome cookies!

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