Monday, May 25, 2009

Pizza yumminess

I just thought I'd throw out a brag that my husband makes the best home made pizza ever. He makes the dough from scratch - but he won't let me have his super-secret recipe. Although, it totally cracks me up when he calls me at work to ask if we need anything else from the store because he's out of King Arthur Bread Flour. He's going to be a great Mr. Mom come July when he's finally done with his service in the Coast Guard.
He makes bread dough at least once a week, and a huge batch of it at that! We probably eat pizza at least once, but mostly twice a week. He takes the kids to the store and has them help pick toppings. They've come home with different colored peppers, banana peppers, olives, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni (which I'm not a big fan of any pepperoni, but they are), roma tomatoes and some fun speciality cheeses. I'm not sure if we'll ever order delivery pizza again!


Anonymous said...

that looks SO GOOD.

SoggyToad said...

I'm still working on perfect bread... I found a great pizza dough recipe but I fail when it comes to actual bread. You'll have to have your hubby post some tips.