Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cool kid snacks/lunches

It's nearly the end of the school year and my kids are showing some resistance to taking healthy lunches to school.

Usually their lunchboxes follow this regular skeleton:
- Mots for Tots juice box (watered down apple juice)
- Sandwich
- Something from the fruit drawer (I have different fruits chopped and ready to go in the crisper drawer)
- Something from the pantry snack box - we do a lot of Annies Cheddar Bunnies and TLC's crackers.

They don't get a morning snack and their afternoon snack is supplied by the school.

Joshua is nearly 7 now and he's been eye-balling his friends' less than healthy lunchbox treats. Today we went out and picked out a few things that add a little fun to the lunchboxes. I'll try to add some lunch-on-the-run posts to the blog for the realistic mother on the go. I worked some seriously long hours last week, so many of the treats in my kids' lunchboxes will probably be pre-packaged items this week as I continue to catch up on things around the house that did not get done last week.


Meg said...

Great treat picks. You can't go wrong with z-bars.

Melissa said...

Hey Mary I love your snack suggestions. I/we have been trying to make better snack and lunch choices too. Here is my formula
Water to drink as per Dr. Basses request as Caleb is prone to cavities.
Dairy of some kind either a cheese stick or yogurt cup.
Something crunchy/salty like crackers or popcorn from the night before.
A little something sweet like a fruit snack or granola bar.
A piece of fruit or canned fruit if nothing is in season. (thank you Kodiak)
Writing that down I see we have just about the same formula don't we?