Friday, March 13, 2009

I totally splurged!!

I splurged today. I spent $80 on a CHI flat iron. I love it - my hair is straight and shiny. I really needed to either cut my hair or find something to give it some oomph. After my $8 box of light brown hair color and my 3 minutes of straightening my hair, I feel like a whole new woman. I really didn't want to cut my hair, since I'd like to see it just a bit longer.

(Oh, why the hair color you ask. I'm 33 and no grey hairs. Somehow the sunshine is fading/stripping my brown hair into an orange-like carrot top hair color. I wear a hat most of the time when I am outside for fun with the kids at the park. I'm sure I get this from my mom. Her hair is red - but a much prettier auburn color, not carrot-top color. And my grandmother died in her 70s without any greys.)

My caveat is that I love red hair. My husband was a flaming red head when we met. I just like my dark brown eyes with dark brown hair.


Organizing Mommy said...

Hi Mary!! A flat iron and a box of color is NOT a splurge--it's a necessity in my book. Now, a big appointment at the beauty parlor for $95.00 for a straightening, cut, color and highlights.. that would be a splurge!

ARe you from Atlanta?? I've been there before but only just in passing--layover or overnight.. not for a week. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You're worth it, plus more! Don't worry about it.