Saturday, March 7, 2009


We've had an extreemely busy week. For the first time in a long time, my hubby has been home for 10 days and counting now. Funny, most of my friends can't quite get their lives figured out when their husbands leave...we're just the opposite. Our whole routine gets flipped upside down and we spend so much time just hanging out (as opposed to following my cleaning schedule or prepping for meals after kids go to bed, etc). So while it's been Spring Break for my kids, I have to admit, we've all taken a little bit of a break.

One of our favorite quick meals is Haystacks. We've eaten them at least 3 times this week!


-Fritos (oh, yes, let me clarify that Fritos is a must, if you use some other kind of corn chip, it's just not the forget about healthy for just a little bit!)
- Bush's chili beans, no beef (2 cans)
- Vegetarian refried beans (non-veg ones are way high in fat, so even if you aren't trying to go veg - I'd still recommend vegetarian ones to make up for the Fritos! )
- chopped lettuce
- chopped tomatoes
- chopped olives
- shredded cheese
- salsa
- fat free sour cream
- guacamole

1. Mix the 2 beans, warm up.

2. Put everything in serving bowls and line up in the order listed.

3. Send everyone down the line buffet style to make the perfect haystack. The Fritos must go on the bottom, then the beans, then the rest.

Super easy. My kids really enjoy making their own haystack.


Jason and Samantha said...

That sounds like something my husband would love.


Anonymous said...

OK, this makes MUCH more sense - I saw Fritos and haystacks and I was thinking about the chocolate haystacks! I'll have to try this recipe!

Zach and Beth said...

I was wondering what haystacks were! These sound awful! *note the sarcasm

Melissa said...

Um no pictures! Don't you always have your camera on the kitchen counter? I want to see your cute kids eating up those yummy haystacks. This is actually a favorite meal at our house too but we use tortilla chips. I want to try it with the Fritos next time. Yummy!

Dayfamilyof4 said...

This sounds yummy, we'll have to try it. When I was a kid we had haystacks with:
diced chicken
mandarin oranges
fresh green and red pepper slivers
topped with chicken gravy