Friday, October 24, 2008

Soda Fast

Carry each other's burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

I often times feel as though I'm quick to listen to other people's difficulties and to offer a hug and an "I'll keep you in my prayers". While I do with a genuine heart intend to keep most people in my prayers, often times I pray at that very moment and then seem to forget about it. I want very much to follow up with people and ask them about their situation or let them know that I'm still thinking of them. Even more so, I feel as though there are people that are too shy or too proud to ask for prayers for their situation.

Add in my current addiction to soda. I got on a coffee kick while living in Alaska, and now that I am in Florida, it is just too hot for coffee. Iced coffee just isn't yummy. But, oh man, that combination of carbonated water, artificial caramel coloring, high fructose corn syrup and caffeine in my favorite soda has become quite an addiction. I've been depending on the caffeine to give me a little boost in the afternoon when I am feeling my sleepiest.

I read last week in my devotion book, The Official Soccer Mom Devotional by Lynne Thompson, about a mocha fast. Lynne talks about her addiction to coffee and that by giving up coffee, every time she would drive past a coffee drive-thru, she'd pray for her friend in need. I'm about 3 days into my soda fast. Everytime I start to get a hankerin' for a soda (and I'm usually a 2-a-day-er), I take a moment to clear my mind and say a few words of prayer for someone that I know is in need. Amazingly, as I walk to the fridge, I find myself thinking of people that might not have even asked me to pray for them, just other moms with young kids that I know could use a little boost.

Since I'm on day 3, the headaches have passed and I'm feeling better than I felt yesterday. At the job fair, they had a huge table of drinks set up. I was so proud of myself for grabbing a water instead of a soda. It was a small victory, but a good one.

I'm off to do my Sabbath cleaning and refill my Camelback BPA-free water bottle.


Meg said...

yeah for small victories! Great job and such a wonderful idea. I think I will try this to help me break my gum chewing habit!

Amber said...

I think it's very true that people (self included) tend to be shy and not always ask for prayer when they feel weak. What a great fasting idea!

A response to your comment on my blog:
Oh, and I'll be lookin' for those updates to the Sweet Potatoes. ;) That's more important to me than the turkey!

Donna@The Frugal Mom Blog said...

I am addicted to soda also. Coca-cola is my weakness and sometimes I realize I have had 4 cans over the course of the day. I try so hard to quit, but I need it:) Good luck with kicking the habit!

Abbie said...

Way to go Mary! I gave up my soda obsession (diet coke) early last year and though I do have the very occasional root beer I mostly drink water now. I feel much better and my intestines thank me! ;-P