Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Darn you PMS!!!

Today's weight is 146.6 lbs. Are you noticing a pattern? Did I mistakenly purchase a scale that only moves in the wrong direction? *Hanging my head in defeat*

However, I will say that I am due to start my period any second now. Seriously, my back is killing me and that's where all my cramps are, thanks to my weirdly positioned uterus. I know I am holding onto some water because my wedding band is wicked tight and usually I can wiggle it up and down my finger (I do this alot when I am nervous or pondering something).

On an upside, my muffin-top is looking smaller. And I'm having a great hair day. :) And hubby bought a Wi-fit yesterday so I'll add that into my routine. I'll post more on my exercise routine later. We've got to get out the door to another doctor's appointment for the hubby.


Anonymous said...

PMS is always the culprit for my weight gain...well that and the loads of chocolate I eat to compensate. :) Chin up!

Leah said...

I'm sorry the scale didn't turn your way today. PMS is such a bummer! I eat that way, too!