Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shhhh....a confession!

I went to lunch at my mother-in-law's house as usual this Saturday. She is a great cook. However, for dessert she baked peach cobbler. I had never had peach cobbler before. Here's my confession....I hated it. I don't like canned peaches and I don't like doughy stuff - it was like not-quite cooked bread with syrupy peaches mixed in. Is that peach cobbler? If so, it's pretty yucky.

This ordinarily wouldn't be an issue, however, my husband was born and raised in Georgia and LOVES peach cobbler. It nearly killed him a few weeks ago when I was cheering for the Florida Gators instead of the Georgia Bulldogs (and the Gators won!). I'm afraid my peach cobbler confession would send us straight to marriage counseling without passing Go or collecting $200.

*sigh* Give me a fruit crisp any day. Maybe it's texture related - I'm a crunchy girl.


Meg said...

shhhh....I'll keep your secret! I love fruit crisp!

just me said...

I'm the same way :O

Amber said...

I prefer blackberry cobbler, actually. Peach cobbler can be a little too mushy. I like my cobbler with a definite CRUST.

(and a glob of vanilla ice cream)


Anonymous said...

For me, crisp > cobbler any day!