Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-in

Drum roll, please.....

Down 1.2 pounds to 145.4

It was an okay week. I had pizza at my nephew's birthday party this weekend, and washed it down with a piece of cake followed by 16 oz of Coke.

We also ordered pizza one night this week, and I only had one slice with a big salad.

We went to Subway last night for Hubby and Grandpa's free subs in honor of Veteran's Day - I had a turkey 6 inch sub with real mayo and a ton of veggies, Doritos and a Dr. Pepper.

I just found out we are having a HUGE family reunion the last week of December/first week of January. I really want to be feeling better about my body by then.


Meg said...

Yeah for being down 1.2 pounds! Awesome!

Amber said...

Awesome! Great job!

The Day family of 4 said...

Woo hoo! Keep it up, I mean down, girl. :)