Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's all about the numbers

I got an email asking me what the number in parenthesis in my label section of my posted recipe refers to. Well, folks, it's the certain value that my serving size is worth - for those of you fellow number-crunchers doing the Weight Watchers plan. These days I'm allowed to eat 22 points a day, and if stretched out enough, it ends up working out fine. As soon as I loose track of my good eating habits, my whole day can easily be shot. An example would be earlier this past week when my father-in-law returned from a business trip and invited me out to breakfast. It was spontaneous and I ordered what appeared to be a healthy fruit/organic yogurt/homemade granola meal - well after checking, I realized I had eaten 16 of my daily points in just one meal. I had the wiggle room with all the activity points I earn per day, as well as my weekly flex points, so it all worked out in the end.

Why am I doing WW? Well, for me it's a no-brainer. I thought I knew how to eat good. I thought I was making great choices. Turns out I wasn't. So for me, WW is giving me so much education and freedom to choose what I eat based on what my goals are. Today, I know I'm supporting my son's school fall festival by working the bouncy house. I could pack a healthy lunch - or I could purchase a hotdog/drink/fruit meal for $5. I'm going to purchase the meal and I've already calculated the points and I'm going to be sure to get a few activity points in before we leave for the day, not to mention the activity points I'll earn when I'm there (I love my pedometer!!). WW has helped me to learn the balance between exercise and food portions. Eventually, I'll go off the program and do it myself, but for now, I need "big brother" coaxing me along.

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Meg said...

So glad the points are working for you. I just made a WW recipe this morning!