Sunday, February 8, 2009

Breakfast woes for an on-the-go Mom

My kids turn into turtles in the morning. Seriously. Any other time they are out-running me, being loud and fast. Not in the morning, something about seeing me dressed for work makes them move in slow motion like little cartoon people. I know all the tricks - sticker charts, motivation, etc. However, I'm having a bit of an internal struggle lately that I want them to be dressed for school and ready to go simply because I asked them to do it, not because they'll earn a marble or sticker or any other reward. Sometimes I don't have time to turn my house into a preschool. (Mental note - next time consider that when you are thinking about having 3 children in less than 4 years....point taken - I guess my house is already a preschool....see? my internal struggle.)

Anyhow, I'm ashamed to admit that breakfast for my turtles has been either a cream cheesed bagel or a granola bar both of which are usually eaten on the way to school in the minivan. Ouch! How's that for a terrible breakfast?

So my mini-challenge to myself this week is to actually serve breakfast at the table all week. I didn't even purchase bagels at the grocery store this week.

I'm up for suggestions for kid-friendly healthy breakfasts.


Anonymous said...

I'm 23 and all I have to take care of is myself...and my breakfast of choice is still a Ziploc of Honey Nut Cheerios. Don't feel bad, mom :)

Michelle Sybert said...

Keep the faith, you are doing a great job!

A seasoned mom once told me she used to lay out everthing the night before at the breakfast table and cover the cereal bowls with a napkin!

I am right there with you in your struggle, you are not alone!

I posted about my quick breakfast idea at my blog!

Paula Constable said...

We do cereal about every day. We try to have everything ready to go the night before and so what's left is getting dressed, breakfast, and brushing teeth and hair. I'm not a morning person so I have to force myself to get up before the kids to get myself going before I get them going. I only have two kids and they can both do everything on their own (with lots of reminders and promting).

Dayfamilyof4 said...

Since I just dig breakfast, you inspired me to do an entire post about it...