Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Planning lunch this week - NSV (non-scale victory!)

For the next two weeks, I've got some serious projects happening at work. Which means that I probably won't even see the inside of my office - I'll be giving trainings and going to meetings, then giving more trainings about what was discussed in meetings. Unfortunately, between my office and the 4 clinics that I am responsible for, not to mention the main campus of the hospital that owns the clinics - I can sometimes be in 6 different buildings, or in my car for quite some time every day.

I know I'll be eating "on the fly" every day for the rest of this week. However, I did manage to manipulate my schedule so that I'll be at the main campus during lunch time so that I can eat at the vegan cafe. I may try to mimic their chicken salad sandwich next week when I am back to bringing lunches to work.

Incidentally, my husband took the pasta salad back to the base with him and called me today to tell me it was fantastic. It makes me feel so good to hear that he enjoys our healthier lifestyle. I think his positive phone call today really helped me to think about lunches this week and make myself a plan so that I don't panic and eat some junk for lunch.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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I love that you put chicken salad! Good luck with the next few weeks - I always eat horribly on grad school days, I should model you!